Charming hotel Sevilla ciudad con hoteles con encanto


Seville has a special colour, like the famous song says, but also it has different feelings that helps the visitor to discover the reason why this city is one of the most visited and appreciated in Spain.

Sevilla ciudad con hoteles con encanto

Discover How is decoration in Charming Hotels

Fresh Aroma

In our city, the orange blossom smell that arrives between April and June spread a fresh and sweet aroma around the streets on the city centre. It is a very nice experience when you are walking down the streets in Santa Cruz quarter with the company of this particular smell characteristic of our city.


This is the predominant colour of the main palaces and monuments on the city. It is a warm colour that you can find on the arena at the La Maestranza bullring. This albero colour is combined in squares and buildings with the white colour characteristic of cities and towns in Andalusia. At night, under the lights of the lampposts, the city burns in colours inviting the visitor to try a tapa with some fresh wine on a terrace on a hiding square of the quarter.

Plaza de la Maestranza- Ejemplo de Albero de Sevilla

Our hotel wears this dress of albero colour that gives you a clue of the place that you are.

Fresh flavors

Andalusian gastronomy is very rich and Seville is known for the good food. The most delicious flavors can be found at the tapas bars that offers the typical potatos omellette, salmorejo with ham or ensaladilla with prawns between others that always should go with the company of a good wine or a very cold beer. Today, what is very popular is what is called gastrobares where they mix the traditional ingredients and the proper high kitchen techniques. This establishments are promoting the creation of gastronomic routes very interesting.

Two Charming Squares in Santa Cruz Quarter

Santa Cruz Square

This beautiful square has this name because on it was based the old Santa Cruz church, which gave its name to the quarter where it was located. On it we could find the rests of Murillo, buried after the knock down of the church on the XIX century. It is a very charming square covered with orange trees and the iron cross in the middle. It is a pleasure be sat in one of its benches, feeling the late afternoon breeze with the flamenco sounds on the background, because a famous flamenco show is located in it.

Plaza de Santa Marta Sevilla con Encanto

Plaza de las Cruces

On this square in cruces street, the time don´t pass: the visitors that goes through it admire its three crosses on the top of classic columns that looks like if they were took from the best palace of the city. It is a very characteristic square.

plaza de las cruces

Casa del Poeta – Charming Hotel Seville

In Casa Del Poeta all these feelings are a reality where you can experience the sounds of our culture of the hand of our guitarist, try a nice and fresh glass of wine, and enjoy the colours of the sevillian night from our panoramic rooftop and feel the jazmin smell once you walk in our charming hotel.

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