10 best Charming hotels in Spain

10 best Charming hotels in Spain

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Today I would like to recommend you some hotels for a nice and pleasant stay. When we travelto an unknown city, one of the most important things to have in mind is where we’re going to stay, considering the most expendable things.

We could be hours or even days looking at the smallest details to decide which hotel to book.

Today I’m going to recommend some charming hotels, being 100% sure these are going to offer you a pleasant stay and an amazing experience.

Charming hotels in Spain


Hoteles con encanto en Sevilla

In the neighborhood Santa Cruz, taking the first place, we can find La casa del poeta, the best hotel in the center of Seville. This hotel has an incredible location making it perfect for the tourists in Seville, as it remains at a few meters from the Cathedral of the city and Puerta Jerez, but also has a good connection with other points of interest.

In this hotel you can find luxurious rooms and apartments which take care of the last details. They are big, with an unique and elegant design. Each room and apartment is designed to give the guests the opportunity to truly relax, as they are totally isolated from the noise that may come from outside.

The best charming hotel in Sevilla which offers you an unforgettable experience, is the hotel La Casa del Poeta.


Hoteles con encanto en Navarra

In Navarra, in the town Tudela, you can find the hotel Aire de Bardena, which is located close to El Parque Natural de las Bardenas Reales.

A great place if you want to desconnect from the city. This hotel has a minimalist design and thanks to its big windows in each of the rooms, you’ll be able to enjoy the amazing views of the desert.

La Rioja

Hoteles con encanto en La Rioja

Of all the carming hotels that exist in La Rioja, the hotel Los Arandinos is the most perfect place to enjoy the country style. Here you can relax in a spa, reading a book or just enjoy the beautiful views of the country and the mountains around you.


Hoteles con encanto en Madrid

If you travel to Madrid for business reasons, the hotel Nuevo Madrid may be one of the best options. A hotel with a modern style at just 10 minutes from the center of Madrid with spectacular views of the area.


Hoteles con encanto en Barcelona

If you’re looking for total comfort after a long trip and great views of the city, you can find the hotel Expo hotel Barcelona close to the Sants station of Barcelona. The hotel has an excellent connection with the points of interest of this city.


Hoteles con encanto en Valencia

In one of the most popular areas of Valencia you can find the hotel Meliá Valencia. This hotel has splendid facilities, including a gym and light and comfortable rooms.


Hoteles con encanto en Zaragoza

For the most demanding guests who are looking for a luxury hotel with the best facilities, the hotel Eurostars Zaragoza is a good choice. The hotel has a magnificent location and guarantees you a nice and pleasant stay.


Hoteles con encanto en Bilbao

In the city of Bilbao, in the nature, you can find the hotel Gran Bilbao. A charming hotel with a modern style, surrounded by mountains and spectacular views.

Very close to a shopping center and financial, with the advantage of having a good connection with other interesting places of the city.


Hoteles con encanto en Córdoba

If you want to visit the city Córdoba and look at its historical buildings form a terrace, you can do so in the hotel Balcón de Córdoba. This hotel has 10 rooms which all have their own charm. The rooms are excluded from the noise from outside, creating a peace and quiet environment for the guests.


Hoteles con encanto en Plasencia

For the most classic travellers who are looking for charming hotels in Extremadura, in the city Plasencia, close to the main square, is the hotel Palacio Carvajal Girón.
This hotel with a classic style, located in the old city center, is a protected building from XVII and maintains the features of those times with a wonderful decoration of authentic stone pillars.

I hope you’ve found the hotel you were looking for in this list of charming hotels and that you’ll have a magnificent stay.

I wish you gook luck on your next trip.

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