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With the arrival of the autumn and a more pleasant weather, a cultural agenda is set up in Seville, to take pleasure in outdoor activities and enjoy the sunlight during the day, and find shelter in indoor events by night.
Seville provides us with a huge variety of choices, being a city full of life, culture and tradition all around.
Here some suggestions for the autumnal months:

Seville European Film Festival

3 to 11 November

If you are keen on movies, in this city every year you can enjoy the most prominent productions in the European scene. It is about bringing closer the spectator with the most contemporary cinema, to immerse yourself in the world created by the director.

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 SICAB 2017

14 to 19 November

The international exhibition of the horse (Salón internacional del caballo) will be hosted in Seville once again, in order to exhibit the beauty of the Andalusian dressure of these spectacular animals. With elegance and breed, they present the visitor with live shows of purebred horses that dance at the sound of the flamenco music.
In the thematic market, the visitor can buy some leather rustic handicrafts and other products related to this world.

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Festival de Fado

21th November to 5th December

Coming from our Portuguese neighborhood, for the third time Seville will host the most authentic art of the Portuguese singing, the fado. This third edition is expected to display the best of its music and passion, making us feel in the Portuguese land through exhibitions, projections, talks and concerts.

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Exhibition “Murillo y el retrato”

Until the 31th of December 

Commemorating the 4th centenary of the birth of the painter Murillo, many exhibitions have been opened in the city, being one of the most remarkable of the year. In the cultural area Santa Clara, the visitor can praise the work of the Sevillian artist.

Exhibition Murillo and capuchinos of Sevilla

18th November to April 2018 

In the Museo de Bellas Artes, the symbolic house of the famous painter, there is an excellent exhibition of the most important works of Murillo. It is an unique opportunity to admire the most mystic art of Seville.

Book fair “old books” & “second hand books”

17th November ro 10th December

It is always worth walking around in this literary fair, since you may be interested in some books. Moreover, you can find workshops, talks and book signings with the authors. At “Plaza Nueva” heart of Sevilla


25th November

The singer from Huelva, respectful with the roots and the flamenco singing, comes to show us once again how beautiful the flamenco is. Undoubtedly, the spectator will take pleasure in the most authentic of our land, through the hands of this appreciated artist.
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While resting in our Hotel Boutique Casa del Poeta, we can enjoy everything Sevilla has to offer us.

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