We come back from the summer with a busy agenda full of musical events that will amaze us and they will be present during this month, in which the Main activity in order to enjoy is walking though the streets of Seville and looking at the blue sky crowded by swifts.

Evenings in Gardens of Alcazar

……Until 29th September

Every year the Royal Alcazar of Seville arranges wonderful evenings filled with music and danza that give an artistic touch to such emblematic place. Among the groups we can enjoy are: Armoniosi Concerti, Artefactum, Sheela Na Gig, La Petit Opera Company and much more. It is a special occasion where old and new talents show their works on a monumental setting.


 Horse Anglo-Árabe Week

Between 15th and 18th September

In mid september, horse lovers will met at Pineda Royal Club of Seville where different competitions about morphology of horse breed will take place and there will be very interesting courses and lectures about this exciting World. Entry will be completely free for visitors.


El Gusto es nuestro tour 20th Anniversary

17th September

This unique opportunity with just a scheduled dates in Spain, unmatched Jose Manuel Serrat, Victor Manuel, Ana Belen and Miguel Rios being us a wonderful show with high quality screens and spectacular lightings that will lead us into the greatest hits of these Spanish Titans in music. First dates of this tour fulfilled the audience’s running out of tickets in the concert at Seville. They will surely give their best in order to excite us one more time.


Malú live concert

23th September

This time, Cadiz Singer artista bring us the tour promoting his latest work, Chaos. This album has achieved 2 platinum records. This concert will take place at Rocio Jurado Auditorium in Seville.


Bullfight day at Maestranza Bullring

24th and 25th September 

These 2 days in September we can enjoy famous bullfighters’ skills on national level such as Morante de la Puebla, José María Manzanares and Sebastian Castello among others. These outstarding bullfightings are held every year during this month at San Miguel Festival, we should not miss this opportunity to sight with the art of bullfighting.



Another event that we should not forget is Bienal de Flamenco, previously mentioned in other post, it will take place at the begining of September.

Enjoy all of these events at Casa del Poeta Hotel where we will make your stay an unforgettable one.

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