Barrio of Santa Cruz

The Boutique Hotel is situated in the historic centre of Seville, in the Barrio of Santa Cruz, which was once the medieval Jewish quarter and is now one of the most significant and popular parts of the city. A labyrinth of narrow streets which invites visitors to stroll past ancient mansions with their patios full of decorative flowers, the murmur of fountains, and the fragrant aroma of orange blossom, and then wander through squares, full of light and colour until arriving, in just a few minutes, at the Cathedral, the Reales Alcázares or the Jardines de Murillo.  [divider style=” div-single” full=”yes”] [one_half]Plaza_de_Santa_Cruz_2[/one_half][one_half]SevillaBarrioDeSantaCruz04[/one_half]